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While the fashion industry still has long strides to make in terms of inclusivity and equality, recent years have seen the kind of progress that trans people once only dreamed of. The decade since has seen a number of milestones for trans people in fashion: Major agencies like Next, IMG, and HEROES have grown their trans rosters by degrees, and in recent years, a number of major industry players, from Vogue to Marc Jacobs , have made history by including trans people in major public-facing covers and campaigns. A fierce advocate in the trans community with beginnings in the Chicago ballroom scene, Leyna Bloom moved to New York in her late teens to dive into the world of modeling. Recently, she led a viral social media campaign to become the first trans woman of color to walk for Victoria's Secret. Her next step? Garnering magazine covers such as Attitude and Gay Times, and television spots including Strut and Pose , Laith Ashley is one to watch.

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Model Geena Rocero Named Playboy’s First Transgender Asian Pacific Islander Playmate | alavatchi.com

PEOPLE chatted with the model and transgender activist about the ways she is working to improve inclusivity for transgender models in the industry. Geena Rocero has been working in the modeling industry since she was discovered at 21 years old. Below, we chatted exclusively with Rocero about finding her identity as a woman in the modeling industry, the strides she is making for the transgender community and more. To now be part of the iconic Playboy family is a dream come true, especially to be working with a brand that has long stood for freedom, individuality and unapologetic expression of oneself.

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Transgender individuals have been gaining quite lot of publicity recently due to a certain family member from the Kardashian clan. Why are we not surprised? This process is not only physically painful but also a deeply emotional one, so any form of social or emotional support is always a good thing. A transgender person is one who cannot identify with the gender they are expected to conform to. Case in point: One may be born as a male but somehow feels more inclined to identify as female and behave in a feminine manner.

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