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I was well into the story of the Hunchback, I remember, when my clergyman grandfather a man we counted pretty stiff came up behind me. I grew blind with terror. But instead of ordering the book away, he said he envied me. As well he might! The stories are indeed delightful, but how innocent are they?

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To improve your visit to our site, take a minute and upgrade your browser. It might be the most-read book in English after the Bible and Shakespeare, but it has a different kind of familiarity than those canonical works. What we remember from the Nights is not high eloquence, intellect or faith, but a handful of characters and scenes: the shrewd Ali Baba spying on the gang of thieves, resourceful Aladdin with his lamp, and Sheherazade herself spinning tale after tale in order to survive. Arabian Nights , as Borges knew better than anyone, is the book as universe: an endless realm of magical wonders and urban low life, palaces and harems, genies, automata, princesses, and monsters. The work is full of heroic, self-reliant women, outlandish adventures, and science-fictional marvels a flying horse, a city of brass. The reader who only recalls Ali Baba or Aladdin will be surprised by the puzzle-like nestling of the stories, which are interlinked in ingenious and absurd ways. One tale leads to another; characters often tell their stories in order to ward off death as Sheherazade does ; coincidences multiply fiendishly.

The prominence of the harem in European popular culture and the appearance of a genre of obscene novel that specialised in the harem imperium likely contributed to the emergence of an underground print traffic in translations of Eastern literature. This publishing phenomenon, which spanned 30 years, is my next focus of investigation. In the s, however, obscene translations of Indian and Arab texts emerged at the instigation of Sir Richard Burton — Burton was renowned during his time as a traveller, explorer, orientalist, anthropologist, writer, linguist, and translator. Although a committed imperialist, 1 he also evinced a particular fascination with the Arab language and peoples.
There are always voices in the Arab world that want to censor, "purify" or even ban The Arabian Nights. The latest call comes from a group of conservative lawyers in Egypt who have gone to court over the matter. They want to take a new edition off the market and replace it with an edition from which all "obscene" words have been removed.