Astrid how to train your dragon naked

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Guys I just found thanks to furydiver this awesome fan project of a Dragons series! Also you can help them by going to their patreon. I decided to make her the youngest Haddock sibling. Sure, she can be just as loud and rambunctious as her older siblings, but more often than not, she chooses to be quiet. So late last night, I finished gluing all the pictures and reporting the names of every artist on the book! Thank you so much for your participation Guys!

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He really wanted to yell it to their faces, but him and his so-called "friends" were playing hooky in the middle of the high school halls. He was wearing a very big grin, obviously taking extreme satisfaction in seeing him in a very embarrassing situation. Not a moment later did a small, but firm hand cover his mouth to keep him quiet. His furious green eyes locked with feminine blue ones that have never held so much mischief before. While Hiccup towered over her, no one questioned who held all the cards. Hiccup rolled his eyes, but corrected himself, "I thought we've established I have zero athletic capability.

Well now, I hope you're all still enjoying this anonymous request for a story between the lovely Astrid and our dark cuddle buddy of a dragon, Toothless. I wanted to update this story a little, see what people thought. It's still the same story, just rewritten and, hopefully, improved! Though, in trying to keep as closely to the original story as possible, some things aren't ideal, but better :P Now, if people don't like it, or preferred the older version for whatever reason just leave a review and I'll work around it.

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