Chocolate vs sex

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If she wants it all down.. I will.. I prefer her in a cowgirl position, and seeing h Can I get sex almost whenever I want, however I want it? Can I have sex in solitude, without anyone else to bother me? Just put this in your mouth, and you

Chocolate VS Sex: Who Wins Your Heart?

Forget About Sex And Have Some Chocolate Instead

It seems that the age old question -- do women prefer chocolate or sex -- has finally been answered. At least for Jezebel readers. The publication has just concluded it's month-long face-off of sexual acts vs. The winner?

Is Chocolate Really Better Than Sex?

There's a lot to envy about French women - effortless style, sexy accents and a limitless supply of croissants at every corner yet somehow, French women don't get fat. Freaking mystery. But we're not quite sure we agree with them on the whole sex versus chocolate debate. According to a recent Harris Interactive Poll , French women said that eating chocolate can be even more pleasurable than the Big O. The 1,person survey asked French men and women about sex, food, pleasure, and happiness.
Chocolate 4 comments brain , Chocolate , gender , sex. After satiation with chocolate the tasting of chocolate activates different brain areas in men and women. In men, chocolate satiation was associated with increased taste activation in the ventral striatum, insula, and orbitofrontal and medial orbitofrontal cortex and with decreased taste activation in somatosensory areas. Women showed increased taste activation in the precentral gyrus, superior temporal gyrus, and putamen and decreased taste activation in the hypothalamus and amygdala. In contrast to men in women the amygdala plays an important role after satiation with chocolate.