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The thumbs-down gesture in the painting is given by spectators at the Colosseum , including the Vestals , to the victorious murmillo , while the defeated retiarius raises two fingers to plead for mercy. The painting was an inspiration for the film Gladiator , where Commodus holds out a raised thumb to spare the film's hero, Maximus. Along with gladiators, Vestals, and spectators, the picture shows the emperor in his box. Like many historical or ethnographic paintings of the era, Pollice Verso piqued the prurient interest and indulged the voyeurism of viewers while allowing them to feel a sense of moral superiority over another previous, non-Christian culture.

Mobile phone customers give Virgin and Tesco the thumbs up

TiVo – TiVo Service – Suggestions | Virgin Media

TiVo doesn't just suggest any old stuff — it will pick shows and films that are relevant to the things you already watch, rate or record. They'll be saved in a special folder in My Shows or available on demand, ready for you to watch when you want. The clever thing is Suggestions won't replace the shows you've chosen to record. And they're always the first to be deleted to make room for specific recordings you've set up. Your TiVo service then remembers what you like and what you don't, so it can suggest new things you're more likely to love.

TiVo – TiVo Service – Suggestions | Virgin Media

Virgin Mobile and Tesco Mobile have been voted best pay-monthly and best pay-as-you-go provider in a mobile phone customer satisfaction survey, despite the fact that neither company owns its own network. The virtual network operators operate by piggybacking off the established mobile giants, using their larger rivals' networks to deliver their own services. O2 and Tesco offered the best network coverage, according to customers, with T-Mobile and 3 Mobile coming bottom.
People can bid for them by sending a sealed bid to nameplates virgintrains. The auction closes at on Friday 6 September Winners will be notified by email, with payment to be made direct to Teenage Cancer Trust. Virgin Trains is committed to delivering a high speed, high frequency service, offering shorter journey times, more comfortable travel and excellent customer service.