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Your first task in this crazy farmland lies across the stream and up the stairs to the right. There you will encounter a most noxious mouse named Marvin. Also on the right side of the barn are two metal crates. This is where you come in. To help your cause, Jack offers up the assistance of his buddy Burt, a metal crate guarding a stable of cheese wedges. Make your way back past the beginning of the area and around the barn to the left.

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Chapter 3: Barn Boys - Conker's Bad Fur Day Wiki Guide - IGN

Bee left his wife. She is voiced by Louise Ridgeway. The stacked sunflower is first alluded to in the first chapter, where Queen Bee mentions that her husband left her for another woman and thus was responsible for the hive being stolen. She is first seen in the Barn Boys chapter of the games, located up the right-hand pathway near the entrance. After Franky had hung himself in the Barn, Mr.

King Bee cheated on his wife, Queen Bee , in favor of the Sunflower. The Sunflower is a tall plant, with a yellow face and petals. She has a sexualized personality and a pair of large breasts, yet she is shy and often bends over to cover her face.

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