Doctors and nurses sex

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I work as an anesthesia provider in obstetrics. I had a colleague who was sleeping with two nurses. It became a problem when one of the nurses found out that he was having sex with the It became a problem when one of the nurses found out that he was having sex with the other.

9 Sleazy Real-Life Sex Scenes From The Hospital Ward

Sex, doctors and nurses.

Watch any cheesy '80s movie or log on to one of a million porn sites and you'll find thousands of scenarios involving hot nurses and sexy doctors. But we totally understand that it's just make believe. Well, MOST of us understand that. Turns out, plenty of patients and certain fellow members of the hospital staff make no distinction between fantasy and reality -- and occasionally cross lines in ways that are so shocking it's hard to believe they're real. And yet! Here are true stories from doctors and nurses about the totally ridiculous, unacceptable, and occasionally hilarious ways patients have attempted to hit on medical professionals.

Sex, doctors and nurses.

Medical professionals see a lot of strange stuff over the course of their careers, especially those who work in the emergency room. In a thread that has gone viral on Reddit , doctors, nurses and EMTs are sharing some of the more outlandish medical emergencies they've seen that were caused by sexual encounters gone awry. One guy had his scrotum swell to the size of a cantaloupe from bleeding into the scrotal space. There's no 'bone' in the penis to break, it's just what we call it, but the spongy tissue has lots of blood vessels. Perhaps predictably, there were also plenty of instances of things getting stuck somewhere embarrassing.
A young female patient had asked to take a shower so I got her all set up and told her to call me when she was done because I needed to make sure she got reattached to her IV. I walk in to see that her husband is in the shower with her. She is bent over taking it in the ass while her three-year-old son is standing outside the bathroom watching. I have a job as a nurse assistant where I sometimes have to spend the entire shift looking after a patient, one on one.