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Sometimes, they have to sacrifice the bra and rely instead on the miracles of double-sided table, strapless bras, or built-in cups to keep everything looking picture-perfect in couture clothes. While us regular folks may not be in line to wear designer gowns to red carpet events, we can still totally relate to going braless elsewhere! Check out these 15 celebrities who absolutely hate committing to the boob prison. To be fair, the woman is usually rushing off with her four kids in tow to any of her numerous appearances on TV shows, fashion runways, and awards red carpets, so perhaps she just forgot the boob support!

10 Celebrities Who Refuse to Wear Bras (PHOTOS)

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Pics gallery. By Daily Star. Rihanna unzips top in eye-popping display at Coachella Image: Getty Images 21 of Braless Demi Lovato risks wardrobe malfunction in nipple skimming blazer Image: Getty Images 29 of

76 Times Celebrities Went Braless In Honor Of National No Bra Day

Contrary to popular belief, not all women adore lingerie , especially bras. Over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders can be uncomfortable, restricting, or simply unflattering. Here are 20 celebrities who clearly hate wearing bras.
We all know how liberating it feels to walk around the house or -- gasp! We can breathe better and move freely and -- well, it's just one of those guilty pleasures in life, isn't it? But most of us wouldn't be caught dead at an actual event, around actual people, wearing a gorgeous gown and no bra. At the very least, we'd plaster those sticky things over our female bits for about five seconds until we realize they don't actually hold anything up or in place.