I love road head

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Top definition. To recieve a blowjob while operating a motorized vehicle. I recieved road head while driving to Minneapolis today. The absolute greatest thing a sexually active male with a drivers licence and a car can wish for.

The Pros and Cons of Road Head

27 Couples Who Have Mastered The Art Of Road Head

Or is it both? Are you the sort of person who goes bungee-jumping without triple-checking the ripcord? You could die, the person giving you road head could die or someone else could die. Randy Joe Allen, a year-old Florida man, learned that the hard way when, while getting road head from a woman he met at a bar, he felt a bump in the road and kept going. He said he must have hit a stop sign, but really he had plowed into a cyclist and killed him. A third said they sped while doing it, another third drifted out of their lane and 11 percent let go of the steering wheel completely. Obviously, hands-free road head is ill-advised.

Road Head Confessions of a Good Girl

Illustration by Katherine Killeffer. Except for a Cornell Daily Sun article from last year, there are relatively few accounts of road head on the Internet. The practice, especially in areas where you have to drive to get pretty much anywhere, like the Midwest and California, is not necessarily a rite of passage, but it does inspire stories: While a routine blowjob is nothing to write home about, a blowjob in a moving vehicle could kill you.
One friend said his foot locked down on the accelerator and the other side he got weak and started losing control. Not that dangerous. Cell phones are more distracting.