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Max Hardcore

Max Hardcore and (un)ethical porn. | Sex Therapy, Counselling, Psychology Services Vancouver

TAMPA Max Hardcore is eating lunch in a cafe downtown, waiting for a jury to decide whether he'll face prison, when his cell phone buzzes. The jury's still out. The longer it takes them, the better it is for us. There's a pause. And they're in there fighting for me. And there's a couple of people - one or two - who say it doesn't matter what the law says, we're going to find this filthy pervert guilty. They bludgeon you to the point of exhaustion.

To Jury, Obscene; to One Man, a Day's Work

Video : an intro that precedes the movies of Max Hardcore; no nudity or sexual acts in this embedded video above. Little , to four years in prison over obscenity charges. Writing for Salon , Glenn Greenwald wrote that he believes the verdict is a blow to first amendment rights:.
Max Hardcore born Paul F. Little ; August 10, is an American pornographic actor, producer, and director. Max Hardcore's films generally consist of sexual acts executed by himself, with women, often porn industry newcomers, who act like girls or their upset mothers, [8] with an emphasis on anal sex. The sexual situations depicted in Max Hardcore's films frequently include acts such as urinating on his female co-stars, fisting them, or inserting specula into their anuses or vaginas and widening them to extreme degree. Hardcore calls his own material "vile and crazy" and considers that he has been influential on the porn industry, spawning many imitators.