Naked bike ride new orleans

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This fun extravaganza is held to raise the awareness of bicycling as well as to declare the beauty of the human body, both individual and vulnerable. The overall aim is the promotion of cycling as clean and safe means of transportation versus motorized vehicles along with their negative impact on the environment we live in, and global oil dependency. Participants aren't required to ride only bikes. It could be anything ranging from rollerbladers to skateboarders, and even joggers, but obviously not a motorized car. Don't feel discouraged if you're not willing to undress completely, as the motto clearly states—"as bare as you dare". The ride is equally appropriate and comfortable for the shy and bold.

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World Naked Bike Ride |

You are invited to ride with us to promote cycling as a vision of a cleaner, safer, body-positive world to the masses. Our mission is to take to the streets riding nude as the best way of defending our dignity as humans on bikes. We expose just how vulnerable we are as cyclist on our own city streets. Cycling promotes body awareness.

Naked Cyclists Use Public Rental Bikes For New Orleans Event

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