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Housemate Andrew Tate may lose his place in the house after his racist and homophobic attacks have been exposed. The current series of Big Brother has been rocked as Andrew Tate could be kicked off the show over racist and homophobic comments. A Big Brother spokesperson has confirmed that such comments would not be tolerated in the house, and if "any kind of racist or homophobic behaviour" occurred, it will be dealt with appropriately. Read more: Big Brother's history of race rows. Here are some of the programme's most shocking moments over the years, from housemates using the n-word to nudity and sex acts on TV.

‘Big Brother’ Sexiest Moments: 18 Most Shocking, X-Rated And Outrageous Antics In The House (PICS)

15 Dirty 'Big Brother' Live Feed Secrets That Have To Be Exposed

Fans of the show were confused when a shot of India sat topless drying her hair was included in the show with no explanation, and hit out at the scenes. Completely confused bbuk. However, while viewers were confused, later in the show India showed off her boobs, in a bra, to Rachel Johnson after she asked to see them. The pair enjoy a bonding session in and amongst the bubbles, just 24 hours after meeting each other.

Big Brother: 17 of the filthiest, dirtiest, most shocking moments ever on the show

Big Brother has always been a bit filthy, hasn't it? Ofcom's phones have rung off the hook ever since the show kicked off with complaints about nudity, explicit scenes and crude conversations, but it wouldn't be Big Brother if it didn't get a bit blue. We have high hopes for the new series, but the question is: what are the filthiest BB moments of all time?
Reality show Big Brother has taken voyeurism to an extreme. Houseguests are on screen all the time because cameras have been placed throughout the house. That means that viewers can be witnesses to some seriously heinous stuff on the live feeds. From intimate moments to downright disgusting habits, the people who live in the Big Brother house will leave nothing to our imaginations.