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Originally posted by wonhoslilmonster. Thigh riding. Daddy kink. Please forgive me. Synopsis - Jimin comes home early from practice one day, sweaty, hair a mess… Your thoughts get a little race-y, and despite your efforts to hide it, he catches on to what you want pretty quick.


Noceur — baby-dolls-blog: Spank me please, Daddy.

Corporal punishment brings abuse to mind. Right now, the phrase reminds me of the types of over-the-top punishments that made me regret life abuse I experienced as a child. Now, spankings and other uses of impact? I am a lil pain slut. I enjoy and thrive with regular pain play.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Threesome no wincest , poly friends-with-benefits, spanking, oral, so much dirty talk, fingering, anal fingering, squirting, dom! Dean, Winchesters stripping. Word Count: Created for spnkinkbingo.

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