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So Beary is over 50 years old. Here are some of his diagnosis photos:. As you can see, he had many wounds, and many layers. His person also sent a photo of a younger Beary not from his youngest days, but more middle age :. As you can see, he once sort of had a built in vest, with white pom poms, and he had red in his ears, and it looks like short fur.

strip him!

Memento Mori — Strip Club

When the most famous dancer there, The Winter Soldier offers her a private dance, things get heated. You shook your head frantically, planting your feet onto the ground in an attempt to stop her from moving you, but alas, you were a few shots in too deep and the fuzzy feeling of the alcohol had taken a toll on you. It was your twenty first birthday, which meant you and your group of friends had decided to celebrate. The line was extremely long, almost wrapping around the entire building. You were a shy girl, so you tried to dress casual. Not tonight, though.

tumblr makes her clothes fall off

Anyways, Namjoon is such a sweetie I love my bias omg. Hope you guys love Namjoon as much as I do. You look at him, contemplating ditching studying or hearing your boyfriend out for once. But, every question you get wrong you got to take a piece of clothing off.
Keep reading. Daily 2,! But seeing Malfoy in all of them? Definitely way too much.