Sexy body paint cosplay

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For decades, comic book cosplay has been a popular thing. Even before cosplay itself became its own industry, fans loved to show up at conventions dressed as their favorite characters and going all out. Most go all out in the suits, the decorations and such but others chose another path: Body paint. There are risks as more than a few fans have shared the horror stories of suffering bad reactions to painting their bodies over. But when you make it work, it works and actually offers a far easier time than just a costume would.

18 body paint cosplayers who prove you don’t need clothes to kick ass | Revelist

Art has always been an expression of movement. From the prehistoric parietal art to contemporary artists, art has chronicled our most intimate moments in mediums that transcends space and time. Cosplay is an expression of art. Much as art has evolved, so has cosplay. Costumes are more intricate, the fervour of displaying your artistic craftsmanship is at an all time high. With the likes of industry titans like Jessica Nigri and Lindsay Elyse, cosplay has broken through the proverbial glass ceiling, reaching new heights. Predominantly into body paint cosplay.

Lauren Gordon. There is no wrong way to cosplay. Whether it's for Halloween, Comic Con, or just a regular Tuesday, cosplay is a creative outlet that people of any race, shape, or gender can enjoy.

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