Show off my wife

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My wife is very shy, always likes to have covers over her in bed, etc. I did sneak a video of her in the shower, but if she knew, she'd kill me. I have always fantasized about strangers seeing her naked, but I also know she's not into that kind of thing. But maybe this site would quench my thirst while maintaining her anonymity. Actually called candaulism" Two schools of thought.. This however WILL ramp up his desire to actually bed your woman..

Like to show off my wife

OK guys lets show off our wives - Pelican Parts Forums

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Why do I love showing off my wife to other men?

My husband hates the beach - I love it. There are no screaming children those are at the ends near the car parks and ice cream sellers. My husband can go and explore the dunes and see what wildlife he can photograph it is a BIRD reserve after all.
G uys, do you like showing off your gf or wife? I love showing off my wife by asking her to wear very revealing basically slutty clothes in public, sometimes in places where it's not particularly appropriate. How does she feel about it?