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By Darrell Cole on December 20, To read the original in a PDF format, click here. You can also give gift subscriptions! Spying is a method of learning information about the enemy and others that enables us to obtain political ends that could not otherwise be obtained. No spy service could exist without the use of deception, and most spy services also use sex as a way to achieve their ends.

The Sex Party-Loving Soviet Spy Who Infiltrated the CIA

Sex, Lies, and Spies - Providence

To improve your visit to our site, take a minute and upgrade your browser. The instructor flaunted his defiance, slightly camouflaged in Gothic calligraphy. We were all adults. Some of the female students aggressively hunted the better-looking paramilitary instructors, who welcomed the attention.

Trump-Russia dossier: sex, spies and videotape

Maurice Dejean, 59, had met the alluring actress, who was just half his age, earlier that day at a lunch hosted by a friend. Even so, the senior diplomat was surprised when the year-old had suggested stopping off for an impromptu dip on their way back to Moscow. And his jaw hit the floor when she stripped down to just a slip and ran into the icy waters, only to emerge seemingly naked. Within hours they were making love back at her apartment.
In the early s, Karl F. Hanna was a diamond dealer, blue-eyed and beautiful with a penchant for mink fur coats. They were popular at work, in their building—and at swinging sex parties, according to accounts. But in November , the glamorous couple were unmasked for what they really were— Soviet moles infiltrating American security agencies. Koecher admitted to doing incalculable damage to the CIA and its assets; his wife was found to be an accomplice.