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Premise : It was all supposed to emotionless, but as you caught feelings for Jungkook, you quickly struggled to find a way out. Originally posted by jjks. You tightened the duvet around your body, brushing your hands through your hair, shaking your head at his smirking figure. The two of you had been friends with benefits for the best part of six months, it was harmless, just a bit of fun, no strings were attached.

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friends with benefits to lovers | Tumblr

Summary: Luke pays you a visit and things get interesting on the sofa…. Originally posted by beallamy. You smile at the mention of his name before feeling a small blush hint at your cheeks. You and Luke met during your first year of college when you accidentally took his folder instead of yours. The friendship was instantaneous as you both had a remarkable amount of things in common. That friendship only escalated until you found yourselves in the relationship you like to refer to as friends with benefits; this includes the normal characteristics of a friendly relationship but with a few sexual perks added in. The arrangement works, so why try to change it?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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