What is a rope bunny

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Rope bunny is a term used within the bondage community to denote a person who is tied up with rope by another individual, known as a rigger or rope artist. Usually the term rope bunny is used to refer to models who are tied up to demonstrate techniques in rope bondage, such as shibari, but it may also be used to refer to anyone who is tied up with rope. Although rope bunny is a relatively common term, some people in the BDSM community object to it because it casts the bound partner as a victim rather than an active participant in a scene. Rope bottom is a more neutral description to use.

Rope Bunny

Urban Dictionary: rope bunny

Even before my actual first day in the kink scene, I could not understand why so many liked rope, being tied up and tying others up. More than liked — they were completely hooked on rope. Now, bondage I could understand, but rope, this intricate and time-consuming business — not my thing. Quick bondage to prevent my submissive from moving around and to let her feel that she is, in fact, not in control — that is something else entirely. My girlfriend have liked — or more correctly loved — rope from long before we met. Because I had no interest in binding her up, I had no trouble letting others do the deed. I was not going to take something she liked away from her.

My First Experience as a Rope Bunny.

As with most of the things that I currently do, I got into this unplanned. A friend thought I would be interested in shooting with a photographer she worked with. Perhaps the fact that she was a big name in the kink community should have tipped me off. Still, I dove right in, and I got my first experience as a rope bottom, also called a rope bunny.
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