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Entertainment Internet. Use the links below to grab the correct version for your needs. Sadly, there is no bit version of xVideoServiceThief for Linux. The developer insists it is coming soon. For an alternative, you might try using Xtreme Download Manager instead. As of this writing, the app can download content from 93 different sites, and that number is steadily increasing.


Why xVideoServiceThief Is the Ultimate Download Manager for Online Videos

Many people spend hours on Youtube and other similar sites watching online videos. But wouldn't it be better to download them to your PC and watch them any time you like? Just copy and paste the video URL from your favorite video site and it'll be added to the download list. You can then start downloading it right away or collect a few videos to download them all at the same time later on. This is quite convenient, as you can leave xVideoServiceThief working in the background while you keep on working on something else, and you'll get a notice window as soon as the download process is finished. Like I said before, xVideoServiceThief supports more than fifty video sharing sites and allows you to block inappropriate content if necessary. The program also features a handy drag-and-drop window where you can directly paste the video URL.

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